Ran Farmer (61)

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Ran Farmer | Involved as předseda, in Ashburn International, a.s. company Number of companies where he/she is a partner: 1
Date of birth17/11/1958
Contact address#605,Kansas City, MO 64112, 10 West 49th Street, United states of america / USA
Ashburn International, a.s.Company ID number: 26436396
KŘIŽÍKOVA 237/36A, 18600 Praha, Czech Republic
Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
Date of joiningto positionpředseda
ANUBIRA, s.r.o.Company ID number: 27133052
BOŘIVOJOVA 885/50, 13000 Praha, Czech Republic
Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods
Type of shareVklad společníkaShare160,000.00 Kč (35 %)