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JONATHAN BIBI | Involved as ředitel, in Treto Ltd., odštěpný závod company Involved as ředitel, in Pearl of Health Limited, odštěpný závod company
Date of birth28/07/1984
Contact addressIle Perseverence S1256 , Mahe, Seychelles
Treto Ltd., odštěpný závodCompany ID number: 06878661
KAPROVA 42/14, 11000 Praha, Czech Republic
Non-specialised wholesale trade
Date of joining30/10/2017to positionředitel
Pearl of Health Limited, odštěpný závodCompany ID number: 06295690
ŽITNÁ 562/10, 12000 Praha, Czech Republic
Other professional, scientific and technical activities
Date of joiningto positionředitel