Roy Ervin Conrad Delcy (56)

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Roy Ervin Conrad Delcy | Involved as jednatel, in SERVICE-ASSISTANT s.r.o. v likvidaci company Involved as člen dozorčí rady, in A-Investment a.s. company
Date of birth22/04/1964
Contact addressMahe, North East Point, Seychelles
SERVICE-ASSISTANT s.r.o. v likvidaciCompany ID number: 24732478
ŠVÉDSKÁ 1010/15, 15000 Praha, Czech Republic
Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
Date of joining13/09/2010to positionjednatel
A-Investment a.s.Company ID number: 27928322
NA STRŽI 1702/65, 14000 Praha, Czech Republic
Real estate agencies
Date of joining01/11/2009to positiončlen dozorčí rady