Anna Solveig Eksell Linka (62)

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Anna Solveig Eksell Linka | Number of companies he/she is involved in: 3 Number of companies where he/she is a partner: 1
Date of birth09/04/1958
Contact address55 West End Ave, 8C , NY 10023, New York, United states of america / USA
Bohemia Jazz Production s.r.o.Company ID number: 24775703
PAŘÍŽSKÁ 203/19, 11000 Praha, Czech Republic
Operation of arts facilities
Date of joining11/03/2011to positionjednatel
Type of shareVklad společníkaShare100,000.00 Kč (50 %)
Bohemia JazzFest, o.p.s.Company ID number: 27382354
PAŘÍŽSKÁ 203/19, 11000 Praha, Czech Republic
Other amusement and recreation activities
Date of joining30/03/2011to positiončlen dozorčí rady
Czech Cultural Society o.p.s.Company ID number: 26113368
Lučenice 40, 38301 Chroboly, Czech Republic
Activities of other membership organisations n.e.c.
Date of joining17/06/2015to positionpředseda