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Ing. RICHARD LIEGERT | Number of companies he/she is involved in: 4
Date of birth02/07/1959
Contact addressOkružní 146/6, 41201 Litoměřice, Czech Republic
Bon Art Music, SECompany ID number: 28253485
Ovocný trh 572/11, 11000 Praha, Czech Republic
Reproduction of recorded media
Date of joining31/12/2013to positiončlen představenstva
Ing. Richard LiegertCompany ID number: 49107712
Okružní 146/6, 41201 Litoměřice, Czech Republic
Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
Date of joiningto positionpodnikatel
Bon Art Orchestra spol. s r.o.Company ID number: 03923100
Biskupský dvůr 2095/8, 11000 Praha, Czech Republic
Provoz dámského orchestru.
Date of joining31/10/2015to positionjednatel
Bon Art Music Group spol. s r.o.Company ID number: 04898656
Na výsluní 201/13, 10000 Praha, Czech Republic
Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
Date of joining15/11/2016to positionjednatel