Ivo Strnad (44)

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Ivo Strnad | Number of companies he/she is involved in: 4 Number of companies where he/she is a partner: 3
Date of birth25/07/1975
Contact addressGENERÁLA UCHYTILA 870, 53701 Chrudim, Czech Republic
Proacon s.r.o.Company ID number: 25275054
NA VALECH 176, 53701 Chrudim, Czech Republic
Non-specialised wholesale trade
Date of joining09/09/1997to positionjednatel
Type of shareVklad společníkaShare100,000.00 Kč (100;00)
FORCON s.r.o.Company ID number: 28786904
NA VALECH 176, 53701 Chrudim, Czech Republic
Other professional, scientific and technical activities
Date of joining10/02/2010to positionjednatel
Type of shareVklad společníkaShare200,000.00 Kč (100 %)
BDS PROJEKT s.r.o.Company ID number: 06167471
ARNOŠTA Z PARDUBIC 2082, 53002 Pardubice, Czech Republic
Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
Date of joining06/06/2017to positionjednatel
Type of shareVklad společníkaShare1,000.00 Kč (1/3)
Stavební bytové družstvoCompany ID number: 00044679
NA VALECH 176, 53701 Chrudim, Czech Republic
Renting and operating of own or leased real estate
Date of joining16/04/2019to positiončlen představenstva