PPF Real Estate N.V.

Company is active
Company ID number:34298802

Companies with the same registered field of business

NameCompany ID numberHeadquarters
Vullings, P P FDe Grt Heeze 16/G; 6598AV; Heyen
DIESELSERVICE P.P.F. VULLINGSDe Groote Heeze 16; 6598av; Heijen
PPF Holdco B.V.34275933
PPF Media B.V.Amsterdam, Tower B, Strawinskylaan 933, 1017 XX
PPF Media N.V.Amsterdam, Tower B, Strawinskylaan 933, 1017 XX
PPF Group N.V.33264887Amsterdam, Strawinskylaan 933, 1077
PPF FO Management B.V.34186296Strawinskylaan 933 , Amsterdam
PPF Financial Holdings B.V.61880353Strawinskylaan 933 , Amsterdam
PPF Beer Topholdco B.V.67420427Strawinskylaan 933 , Amsterdam