PPF Real Estate N.V.

Company is active
Company ID number:34298802

Companies with the same registered field of business

NameCompany ID numberHeadquarters
Vullings, P P FDe Grt Heeze 16/G; 6598AV; Heyen
DIESELSERVICE P.P.F. VULLINGSDe Groote Heeze 16; 6598av; Heijen
PPF FO Management B.V.34186296Strawinskylaan 933 , Amsterdam
PPF Financial Holdings B.V.61880353Strawinskylaan 933 , Amsterdam
PPF Beer Topholdco B.V.67420427Strawinskylaan 933 , Amsterdam
PPF Holdco B.V.34275933
PPF Media B.V.Amsterdam, Tower B, Strawinskylaan 933, 1017 XX
PPF ECM Holding B.V.Strawinskylaan 933, 1077 Amsterdam
PPF Media N.V.Amsterdam, Herengracht 516, 1017