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Companies with the same registered field of business

NameCompany ID numberHeadquarters
PPGCopernicusstr 10; 6604CR; Wychen
PPG BVValgenwg 1-3; 9936HV; Farmsum
PPG SiloahHollevoeterln 41; 2751DT; Moerkapelle
PPG Ind BVRykswg W 22; 9608PC; Westerbroek
PPG Europe B.V.11070818Uithoorn 1422AD, Amsterdamseweg 14
PPG Europe BVKvK 11070818Amsterdamseweg 14 , Uithoorn
PPG COATINGS BVPapestee 95 4006 WC Tiel
PPG INDUSTRIES CHEMICALS BVValgenweg 1-3 9936 HV Farmsum