Sudanese French Bank

Company is active
Development and Savings Bank, Commercial, Investment, Merchant and Private Banking

Companies with the same registered field of business

NameCompany ID numberHeadquarters
SUDANESE TRACTORBlock 5 East; Khartoum
Saudi Sudanese BankPO Box 1773, Kh Baladia Street, Khartoum
Sudanese Bricks Co LtdKhartoum
Sudanese Estates BankBaladia Ave; Khartoum
Sudanese Islamic BankPO Box 6224, Khartoum
Sudanese Savings BankSennar
Sudanese State BankPO Box 309, Khartoum
The Sudanese French BankSharia Atbara; Khartoum
Sudanese, Union of Chambers of CommerceGamhoria street; PO Box 81; KHARTOUM; 11114
Sudanese Animal Resources Development Co LtdKhartoum